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Roadmap, LLC is a new firm that will focus on transformational entrepreneurs and enterprises that are addressing some of the world's most pressing issues.



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David Nage

David Nage has been involved in the Family Office community for upwards of ten years, most recently as Managing Director of a Family Office focusing on optimizing their illiquid investments to Venture Capital, Private Equity and Direct Investments that concentrated on sustainable/impact related trends. David brings a decade of combined experience that makes him uniquely suited to help build businesses as a leader and an investor. Prior to his last role, David spent two years working with a prominent east coast family, facilitating direct investments in early-stage businesses in the sustainability sector while also identifying unique capital partners for their (CCS) Carbon Capture company. David identified the importance and emergence of the Family Office community early on and has spent the last decade building a robust and diverse global network of the most prominent families in the world. He has facilitated investments in various existing, new and emerging start-ups including Lyft, Rubicon Global, Bluon Energy and Prodea. 

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